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a rebrand

fall 2019
the downtown raleigh foodtruck rodeo

The city of raleigh hosts a foodtruck rodeo a few times a year in the heart of downtown. The event has a strong following despite the fact that it is organized over facebook and has no sense of a unified brand. I challenged myself to rebrand the event and improve their wayfinding system.


First off, I decided I wanted to make a clean approach that didn’t showcase the greasy/grimey side of this kind of event. I wanted to focus on the aspects of downtown and highlight the three-dimensionality of the buildings surrounding the event.


The event is fairly large and stretches across a few blocks of the city. To help event goers locate their favorite food trucks or where their friend is sitting, I developed a colorcoding system. Each zone of the event has a different colored flags, signs, and seating. Large maps are posted throughout the event to show what is in each zone. 


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