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bragg rebrand

spring 2021
packaging design
a health brand with a cult following.

Bragg is a brand loved by many health crazed people across the country. Their apple cider vinegar product seems to be one of the most popular with a wide range of users from all ages. From grandmothers making a classic salad dressing to generation- z showing tiktok how well it detoxes your body. With it’s recent gain of traction, I thought it was about time for a rebrand. 

label redesign.

I enjoyed the modularness of original branding so I decided to continue in a playful 2D direction. I introduced brighter, more modern colors to continue drawing in a younger audience. The motif of the Bragg family was also created to help further put a place on the the brand. The orignal packaging shows a small picture of Patricia and Paul Bragg, but I wanted to push their narrative more.